Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Run For Cover

It was a good idea to get my walk in and all errands taken care of this morning while the breeze was still a gentle one among the trees. It is now around 1:30 and the breeze has turned into a roar coming over the ridge up here at the camp. The critters have all run for cover...they seem to know what is coming and they have not even seen the radar like I have. The Wind has long been a menace to hunters and fishermen alike and generally likes to show out when he gets a chance. Some trees seems to be holding on for dear life as he pretends to be the big bad wolf this afternoon! Well all the hatches are battened down as the rest of my day will be spent right here in the RV up on Limestone Ridge. The workers came out yesterday and completed stage two of the new gate project. We tried it out and the electronic gate works very well and looks good too. The final stage, which involves some trenching and installing a solar panel, will probably take place next week. I dropped in the mail this morning about 150 postcards for local churches inviting them to the upcoming Sunday School Conference at Willowbrook Baptist. This is one many could benefit from and much prayer will be taking place from now until the day of conference that God will move the hearts of those who need this to show up. The instructor will be Daniel Edmonds and in my opinion he is one of the top five Sunday School Leaders out there.

This past Thursday and Friday I spent on the Eastern Shore. Seems like I remember something about Orcs patrolling these shores…didn’t see any though. The ABREA Annual meeting was held in Fairhope this year and I rode down with a friend of mine from Athens. Dwight Moss is the new Minister of Education at Decatur Baptist and let me tell you he is on top of his game. He came over from Clements Baptist where they were voted as one of the best growing churches in the Southeast in the last five years. The trip is a little over six hours one way. When you spend that much time in a vehicle with someone, the opportunity to know them increases quite a bit. The conference was a good one and the speaker, “Jay McSwain“ did an excellent job. This may have been the best conference on connecting people to ministry I have ever been to. As a matter of fact, we will probably be receiving several training sessions in “Place” ( to help make us more valuable to the churches we serve. We had the privilege of viewing a new movie that is not coming out until September called “Courageous”. I thought it was the best Christian movie yet. Brent Shaw, who was the ABREA President and our host, did an excellent job. We had fresh seafood at the banquet and plenty of it. I remember meeting some friendly folks such as Wayne Polk and Chuck Ashley. There were packets from Lifeway given out to everyone which included a book. You can always count on Michael Gentry for some goodies. Speaking of Michael, it seems he was battling some kind of bug for awhile there. Saw Rick Ellison and Daniel Edmonds at the conference; now there are two busy guys. At our table was Charles Simmons, Minister of Education at Sardis Springs Baptist. He seems like a fine man who really knows his stuff when it comes to Sunday School and we had much conversation during our stay there. The wit and sarcasm of Mike Davis was missing as he was absent. Someone told me he was using some paper he was working on as an excuse. All in all it was a great trip and I am already looking forward to next year…which by the way is in Coosada. Not sure where that is going to have to Google it.

The rest of this evening will be spent making phone calls and setting up some lunch meetings for next week and preparing for our Ministry Board meeting on Friday.

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