Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Open Letter To Will My "Former Best Friend"

Do any of you know Will?  I have been deceived for a long time, let me give you some advice from experience, WATCH OUT, he is not the friend he appears to be!

Will I have known you most all my life and thought you were my friend?!  I know we have known each other for years, and have even been closer than brothers but I have changed and am still changing and you are not.  Your logical explanation that any help you have given me in making decisions was in my own best interest made sense.  I know that you have always put me first and that somehow sounds commendable.   The fact is that your influence on me has been greater than anyone else I have ever known.  In recent years though those once easy decisions have become harder and often involves a struggle.  I question your advice more and more and this does not set well with you.  As a matter of fact at times you have given me headaches, loss of sleep and much stress.

This person who came into my life years ago and often tries to get my attention, has evidentially caused you some problems and seems to be turning it up a bit the older I get.  Is it jealously that I sense, fear that this new “Counselor” will take your place?  Don’t worry there is very little chance that I can kick you out of my life completely but then He is not leaving either. Can we call a truce?  If you care about me like you say how about granting a request?  There is one thing that would make it easier on the both of us.  Since He outranks you, how about coming on board with us?

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Denise :) said...

Aaaah....well put! :)