Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are You Contaminated And Don't Even Know It?

In a blog I wrote a few months ago there was a section where I talked about being "Exposed or Contaminated".  This is a follow-up to that.  Simply put how to know if we have moved from being exposed to contaminated is that we have allowed the world to change some cases to even set our standards.  Generally this is a gradual process, kind of the way tv has changed over the last 30 years.  Some of the things coming on tv today...even during prime time, would never have been considered years ago because the general population would not stand for it.  It happened little by little slowly over time, barely noticeable.   I think most believer's really don't understand what holiness and sanctification is all about.  Is this because we don't spend enough time in God's Word?  That could be it but I know several brothers and sisters in Christ who have and continue to spend lot's of time studying the scriptures.  We have plenty of knowledge but not as much change in our behavior?  When is the last time we made a change in our life because of what the Bible says or due to conviction from the Holy Spirit?  It does not happen near as much as it should I can tell you that.  Deeper Bible Study and knowledge of the scripture is not enough to grow in our spiritual maturity.  It seems to me that many believers have decided that it is my *actions* that count the most.  Wasn't this the same attitude the Pharisees had as well?  Jesus came along and dealt with the Spirit of the Law instead of the Letter of the Law.  I see fellow Christians out there everywhere that watch tv shows and go to movies that is riddled with profanity and lust (though there may not be any nudity).  Here is one test to see if we have been we look at the rating of a movie before we decide to go see it instead of finding out for ourselves what is in the movie?  Is nudity for "arts sake" ok with you?  Is it ok to watch programs with profanity as long as we don't use it?  Is profanity, "if used in a quote" acceptable?  How do tv shows and movies that are full of sexual humor, lying and deceit line up with Philippians 4:8?  Certainly books and magazines should be included as well. By overlooking or ignoring these things in our lives we get in the way of the sanctification process.  The good news is that we can change and are not stuck in a contaminated state.  With prayer, a commitment and some work we can push forward to being the kind of people God desires us to be!