Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another Step

We have now been to dinner with most everyone in the church and we've truly enjoyed getting to know folks and their past histories (how couples met, about their families, how they found their way to Cornerstone, etc.).  As we serve together both in and out of the church this information will help even more to build our relationships and make friends. 

My wife began the women's ministry last week and had a great turn-out.  She has plenty of experience in this area and is very excited about her role.  They will be concentrating on building up and encouraging the women as well as partnering with the overall strategy of outreach for the church.

In the coming weeks my plan is to meet with each SS Leader in their home to further discuss our overall direction, curriculum selection, strategies for reaching out to visitors, and discovering new prospects.  Another concept I will seek to further explain is the need for "open" classes.  Furthermore, I will be seeking input on how I might best assist them in this ministry.

It is already clear that we need two more classes; a young men's class and a young ladies' class, so I will begin praying to see if those leaders might already be in the church. 

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Anonymous said...

Todd, I have a question for you. Have you ever been involved in a church where the Pastor, Minister of Education, SS Director, etc. taught on James 3:1 prior to seeking out teachers for their church? Personally, I never have experienced such in the entirety of my life. I fear that this is not done due to fear (that fewer would be willing to teach) and peer pressure. I've been in multiple SS classes in different churches taught by people who should not have been placed in that position. In a few of those classes... I was the teacher. Today, there's such a push to have more and more small groups in a church that, ultimately, the number of classes exceeds the number of qualified teachers within the congregation. I can't tell you how many times I've seen and heard church leaders "twist the arms" of congregants to teach while allowing very immature Christians (and some non-Christians) to teach ... all in the name of having more SS classes than last year. This is scary to me. It places these (usually oblivious to the Biblical teaching on this matter) people in a place of stricter judgment. I don't believe it is right for church leaders to employ such a practice. Anyway, have you ever heard a church leader stand before his church and preach on James 3 prior to the "annual SS teacher recruitment season"?